Saturday, February 7, 2009

Caverns/Deleted Scenes/Hammer No More the Fingers/Acedia - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Feb 6 2009

Another night at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel, a lovely club unfortunately with a concrete floor colder than my condo's floor. Numbness aside, good music to be had...

Acedia - A Maryland band that is steady, psyche-rock. Vocals seemed a bit to pretty at first, but I think they deserve credit for not just turning up the reverb and sounding like everybody else. A few odd mistakes and moves, but they professionally blazed ahead and turned in a nice set.

Hammer No More the Fingers - First question I have with a band like this is will they live up to their excellent name? In a word, no, but they gave it a good attempt. They were a three piece and I almost sensed a Minutemen quirkiness at times, but it never really got that good or strong enough in any of the three instruments. A steady set from a seemingly educated band and I wouldn't mind seeing them again in a year.

Deleted Scenes - Maybe I'm overly attentive to names tonight, but this band lived up to theirs in that they are indeed the equivalent of a bonus feature to a main course DVD. Just not original enough to headline their own DVD or Mid-level rock club. Too many bands sound like this. Unfortunately none of them get signed to Sub Pop, well Band of Horses aside but their songs are better. What annoyed me was the Ric Ocasek yearning vocal style that can be done at any pitch, but always sounds the same and distracts me from the music every time.

Caverns - Here we have a three piece of drums, guitar and piano with no vocals. The drummer is hard rocking pounder, the keyboardist is classically trained, and the guitarist is a thrash-metalhead. Based on the sounds, it seemed that two different songs were going on but the players were together and created an exciting music that played out like a good mystery novel. Great unique sound that works far better than I can describe by summarizing the parts. The guitarist really covered the stage which was kind of fun as it didn't prevent him from releasing his tonnage of riffs. There was a brilliant and neglected band from the punk era that I am reminded of: MX-80 Sound. I hope this DC band goes far. Great job!

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