Saturday, March 28, 2009

YaHoWha 13/Kohoutek/Afterhours/Dark Sea Dream - Velvet Lounge - March 27 2009

Dark Sea Dream - Lush, loud droning with bits of melody sneaking through. Two guitars, one doing vocals and drums. Thick, solid opener. Avert thy gaze shoeward.

Afterhours - From Milan, Italy. Hmmm, sounds familiar, looks a bit familiar too. Oh yeah, by the third song I remember them from the Gutter Twins show last November (see below). Excellent then and still delivering the goods tonight.

Kohoutek - There are two good things about a Kohoutek set in DC. First, you will get a solid heavy psychedelic set. Second, there almost always is a very special band to follow there set. No exceptions here as they did their usual slow dramatic build of interesting psychedelic meanderings. Enjoyable as always.

YaHoWha 13 - As intriguing a band as you will find and their is a book on the band and its late leader, Father Yod. For a quick biography, check here. They played their spontaneous psychedelic music as a three piece with the key members all present. They led the audience in a breathing exercise which was helpful as it was getting to about 2:30am by then and I needed something to refresh my system. A very fun set by a band I wasn't sure I would ever see. Happy travelling, guys.

Quote of the Night: "They had like 30 roadies, man". Well, I doubt that, but Afterhours had to be one of the few bands ever in Velvet Lounge history to pull up in a full tour bus. I have always had trouble figuring out the money in this business.

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