Monday, April 6, 2009

Obits/Points - Black Cat - April 5 2009

The Points - A grungy Misfits sounding band with a farfisa making some noise over the top. Vocals more guttural than Mr. Danzig. A nice 25 minute blast that may wear audiences out if it goes longer.

Obits - Am I standing in a bad spot or are the vocals way too faint tonight at the Backroom of the Black Cat? Too bad, because this NYC band proved very interesting. A couple of guitars slowly becoming more interesting as the night went on with a very solid driving rhythm. Nothing all too fancy, but steadily building into a compelling set. Maybe a lesser version of a band between the Nils and the Replacements. A good pickup for SubPop. A 45 minute set plus a couple of encores made for a quick and entertaining night. My cat thanks both bands and the club since I had lots of time to play with him unlike when I get home at two or three.

Observation of the Night: What is it in DC with all the soccer jerseys I see at shows? I've seen Ronaldinho, Crespo (nice!) and Ronaldo if I think back. I suppose I should dust off my Henrik Larsson jersey and join them. The quick answer is the international flavor of my fair city which works for me. Still more soccer jersey than Washington Redskins jerseys or whatever that alleged baseball team is that plays in front of a few people here from time to time.

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