Friday, July 24, 2009

Caverns/Paul "Spirit Walker" Michel/Hammer No More the Fingers/Vinnie Vegas -

Vinnie Vegas - Classic five piece with keys. Decent harmonies when they chose to use them I would say it was a decent rock sound with some psyche and singer songwriter touches. Set built nicely. I will say they are not without talent which mathematically equals talented, but perception-wise, just a wee bit moderated.

Hammer No More the Fingers - This three piece did a nice job in the second time I have seen them. SOme good songs emerge amidst the reverb heavy rock. Even some Adverts/999 style punk is present within the general indie psyche-rock sound. Good variety, solid band.

Paul Michel - Being that the show started late which is totally as expected here as my usual lunch with a certain attorney, I had hoped for an acoustic act. No, a guitarist-singer, drummer, and keyboardist. And they took a long time as they were using a computer for the first time for bass parts and more. I could not stifle the yawns and I really did not enjoy the set. There was just something annoying in the style and stage patter. A few good songs at the end very enjoyable, so I will withhold full judgement.

Caverns - The fifteen to twenty people left (about 40-50% of earlier crowd although much of that was band members) enjoyed another fine set by one my local favorites. I've seen this band four times now and although the shock of the sound has worn off, I still can really get deep into the groove they create. A band everyone who likes assertive rock music should check out. I am still reminded by the sadly neglected MX-80 Sound for the few of you that want to search out obscure interesting bands.

Question of the Day - No quotes, so I'll do my Cecil Adams impersonation: "Why would anyone want to name their band after a lousy Kevin Nash wrestling character?" Good question. Let's see how many we can find that were inspired by "Big Lazy". Nash first started as Steel which seems too simple to be a band name. I don't know of one out of the garages that went with just "Steel". Next up is Oz and there was a prog band from England called Oz, although they got to the name first. Next is Vinnie Vegas a bad gimmick (maybe better than Oz) that didn't last too long. Hope this band lasts longer. Last we have Diesel (not counting his own name) which was a band in the Netherlands in the early 80s, again predating Nash's character. So there's only the one knowing Nash usage at this point and they opened the bill tonigh. Hopefully they'll come back some time under a better wrestling name like Mikey Whipwreck or Mankind (well that would work if they go metal).

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