Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stellastar/Wild Light/Postmarks - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - July 17 2009

Postmarks - The winning haircut by the female vocalist/slight guitarist catches my eye quickly. It's the Louise Brooks look (with a wee bit more on back and sides) that is at least the second such haircut I've seen this past year on a stage. Backing are guitar, bass, drums and keyboards w/synth. I would say the starting point was a 60s pop-psyche style, but it really hit the modern indie rock-shoegazer-light psychedelic style a bit more as it went on. Yet another band that rocks it out at incredible power on the last song making me wonder if they could only have a bit more of that more often. But still a good band and an enjoyable set from this Miami-based band.

Wild Light - I first thought this may be the first New Hampshire band I've seen, but I seem to recall saying that already, but it has to be a short list. Slicker sound than Postmarks, but that is not necessarily a good thing and quite specifically here it was not. A good pop-rock sound from this four-piece who made me dizzy switching between bass/one or two guitars/keyboards and rotating lead vocal duties. An accomplished band that is just a bit too mainstream for me, but I would gladly watch them again some day and see how they do.

Stellastar - Where has this band been hiding from me? Oh, in New York City between 800 other touring bands. This four-piece is the real deal. Strong two guitar attack, great rhythm section and surprisingly original songs in a very established straight ahead rock style. The sound absolutely roared but didn't cause any wincing because it was a powerful mid-range roar. I was surprised at what a large crowd there was tonight until this band kept playing. Then I realized I should have been up on this band long ago. Yes, over 28,000 myspace friends, ok I'm slow here.

Quote of the night - "Is this water?" someone asked me about the two large containers next to me. I answered yes although how would I know if it wan't monkey urine? Well, that would probably cost $8, but anyway we had a nice chat as I tried to convince her that her son and a friend can go to most good clubs in DC at underage shows, because it's pretty well enforced and DC was one of the originators of the all ages show courtesy of the Dischord bands.

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