Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gallows/The Scare/The Mostly Dead - DC9 - Nov 14 2009

The Mostly Dead - Hardcore matinee with an early start tonight. The first band kicks things off with a loud ripping hardcore song as expected. Little changed throughout the set. Although a careful listen reveals better than average guitar playing and some dynamics in the songs. Still, vocally there was too much standard young Ian MacKaye/Crucifix/pick an HC singer screaming. But this would not be any different than what would happen in the next couple of sets. A bit of a mosh pit among the young, but polite thugs which always reminds me of the destruction of the LA punk scene. Thankfully, it was just a shaking floor here at at the DC9. And all things told, this was a strong, loud, energetic set.

The Scare - This band had two guitars and seemed to put a tiny amount of loose rock within the hardcore blast. I didn't hear as much originality as in the first band (this is very relatively speaking within the genre, but I do know the genre). The singer earnestly was doing the usual imploring the crowd to get excited, etc., which I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard that. The crowd was decent and growing, so the set went well. And kudos for the singer's correct statement that his recent thirtieth birthday meant he was about 50 in punk in years and people 40-50 were about 90. Well this 90 year old thanks him for dedicating a song to all of those older than him at the show. There were not many of us.

Gallows - We have another 5-piece, but they are a UK band finishing a US tour. If you think all punk or hardcore sounds the same, well this band did take it to a much higher level in song writing, playing and overall energy. The club was packed and very excited throughout the set. I liked the bit where the singer went from crowd surfing, to being held upside down while he walked on the ceiling. And I didn't think I would see anything new tonight! Well, then it was back to the old as the singer orchestrated a mosh pit which sent the women scurrying to the side and kept my 90-year old back well away from the pit. But this music is for the young, so I don't mind some of the "dancing", but it still brings too much jock ethos into a scene. Gallows is good, no doubt about that.

Quote of the Night: "It's just a formality" from the friendly doorman as he asked for my ID. My response was that it is perfectly alright as long as you don't try to read it carefully as not only could I not pass for 21, but any court of law would laugh out of court any prosecution that used me as a test subject.

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