Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Langhorne Slim/Dawes - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Nov 17 2009

Dawes - Dawes is a four piece with guitar, bass, keys and drums. The guitarist sings all but one lead, leaving one for the drummer. Plenty of harmonies as well on this singer-songwriter mid-rock band. I was thinking a less California Jackson Browne with a bit more intense singing. Maybe that is preposterous, but until I work out this genre better, it will have to do. My biggest quibble was with the quieter songs. The sound seemed very out of proportion with a very fuzzy bass going with overly light keyboards and even guitar. It improved a little, so maybe the soundman caught on. But when they pushed all other instruments up some on the faster more rocking songs, all things gelled. And ultimately we have a pretty decent band here. They went over well with the large crowd that came out early tonight.

Langhorne Slim - Mr. Slim gazed upon the crowd and said he was not sure why he did not come to DC more often. Actually, I though I missed a fairly recent show about a year back at the Black Cat upstairs stage. If he played or was even booked there, that explains the packed house tonight. I have seen him once before in Denver a year and half back and he really exceeded my modest expectations. He really writes great songs which is obviously a starting point no matter what else happens. I like the energetic acoustic guitar and banjo at times from the keyboardist. The solid drums and smooth stand-up bass playing are an interesting anchor. A really nice combination of players actually. There's folk, older rock'n'roll, and newer indie rock all coming together or bouncing around. Good vocals... I can't find a single problem with Langhorne Slim or both sets I have seen in the last two years. Well worth checking out then. Say no more!

Quote of the Night: "Take it however you want, but it's true in every way." from Langhorne Slim regarding Dawes, but it is a good line regarding most anything.

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