Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Angela Bofill Experience featuring Melba Moore -- Birchmere - Feb 15 2012

The Angela Bofill Experience - Angela Bofill suffered a couple of major strokes in 2006 and 2007. She has fought through paralysis, loss of speech, singing, etc. This is a unique show where she has her band play with a couple of guest stars, Melba Moore on vocals and Dave Valentin on flute. Ms. Bofill comes out for much of the show to sit and tell stories, banter with the players and the crowd and listen to more of her songs performed by Melba Moore and the band. Dave Valentin does some jazz numbers early on, but did not stay for much of the set. The band is simple but talented. It is just drums, bass and keyboards. They all do some soloing early on and clearly have the chops. Melba Moore comes out to do a couple of songs before she introduces Angela Bofill who makes the long walk to her chair on stage only needing a cane. The crowd is into all of the performers and how could they not appreciate Angela Bofill's recovery. This certainly is different, but it makes perfect sense, especially since Angela Bofill was a talented songwriter and not just a singer and can discuss her songs. And it is good to see that she has come this far and retains a postive attitude where she can have such good conversations with style and even some wit. Melba Moore has gone through many problems of her own, but she still has the pipes at age 66. I think she held a note longer than I can hold my breath. Her range lacked a little of the middle, but that hardly mattered as she was amazing at the high end which is usually the place singers pull back. The songs were very good, the band was solid and the large crowd had a good time. But how could they not with this positive vibe and talent level? I could go on, but you can check out her web site to learn more of this positive story.

Quote of the Night: Angela Bofill discussing her speech therapy... "I've even practiced a song, "Happy Birthday". I gotta start somewhere."

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