Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slow Club - Airwaves - Young Rapids -- DC9 - Feb 14 2012

Young Rapids - I saw this local four-piece band less than one month back opening for the Silver Liners at the Red Palace. They were good then and it was more of the same tonight. Quirky pop with world weary vocal lines start things off. A bit of west coast jangle creeps in by the third song. Vetiver trying to cover Wye Oak? They were going over nicely with the large crowd tonight which was nice to see. They finished with a rousing rocker that has me salivating for the next set. They are playing to some nice crowds on these underbills which hopefully will lead to more success.

Airwaves - Basic two-guitar four-piece with the female guitarist handling the vocal duties. I am hearing a bit of Eleanor Friedberger early on. The rhythm guitars are striking, the bass runs playful and the drums lock in with the rhythm guitar work. I really do need to learn to write notes I can read, as I doubt I meant to say they played a smut-pop-indie sort of thing. I believe I meant smart. Notes or no notes, I can still recall the striking rhythm guitar runs that kind of reminded me of Wire, but a bit more modern or something. That offset the breathy slightly flat and down vocal style that reminded me a bit of Faun Fables, but musically was a different thing altogether. A couple of false starts as things were almost a bit too casual at times, but the overall quality made it easy to overlook that. They almost hit some cool drones, but the songs did not extend into any real length to call it drone rock. Hope they keep the good attitude, tighten things up a bit, and stay at it. Watch out if they do.
Slow Club - This was on my calendar and I had no idea why I wanted to see a band called Slow Club at the DC9 tonight. But I like surprises (some times) so I am game. Apparently this is a duo from Sheffield, making their first US appearance (with a rhythm section helping out). Well, I am glad I can say I was there if they go on big things. They begin quiet and folky but add a lot more rock as things move forward. The songs remind me of Arcade Fire--as if half of that band were playing them. The dual male/female vocals are the highlight and obviously a key to the success. They also hit most of my major buttons with strong arrangements and some really nice dynamic shifts. There are also elements of Joy Formidable, but again it is on the lighter side. The crowd is digging this and it would be rather hard not to, unless you went to the wrong club. But Slow Club had the songs and style to continue the great atmosphere started with the first two bands at the DC9 tonight. If the rest of the tour goes this well, expect Slow Club to be back again. As for big things? Not yet, but not impossible.

Quote of the Night: From Slow Club... "Has anybody seen us before?"
one person cheering.
"Really, where?"

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