Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Odonis Odonis - Prisms -- Black Cat - Apr 14 2014

Prisms - I have not seen this local trio in three years, so it was high time for another listen--especially as they impressed me so much the previous outing. They pulled me in to their sound with the first song and kept me interested for the entire half hour set. You can instantly hear a Grant Hart styled pop songwriting with the vocal lines and overall melody, but they play it through a massively heavy guitar and Killdozer styled rhythm section. This clearly owes something to the late 80s, but has some dark metal, brutal shoegaze touches that brings it up to date. Treat yourself to a dose of heavy where you can still get real songs to groove to and check out Prisms. They are the real deal.
Odonis Odonis - Not surprisingly at all, this Toronto trio played Psychefest in Austin last year, as there sound is heavy (and I mean HEAVY) psychedelic fury. They strike me as a surf band who discovered Chrome and had the funds to buy some big amps. I keep getting reminded of Nomeansno at various points, even though there is no funk here, but some of the dark melodies that band had in their early years. There are equal parts murkiness and space exploration in this sound as guitars, keys/samples, bass, and drums crashes through sound barriers while still maintaining recognizable and interesting musical patterns. Speaking of funk, this music yanked me out of mine, which made for a vibrant exciting night. Too bad there were only a couple of dozen people here on a quiet Monday evening. But they were immersed in this vibe and were quite supportive of a unique and powerful band. I am really excited to hear their record which I will be reviewing at month's end.

Quote of the night: from a fan who in this small room could chat directly with the band... "You guys are great. No one sounds like this. That song was fucking beautiful!"

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