Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black Lips - Natural Child -- Black Cat - Apr 15 2014

Natural Child - I might as well pitch a tent in the Black Cat with the time I am spending here lately. But if they deliver the good shows, then why not invest the time? It is another great night tonight with a couple of bands from the south delivering unique sets. Nashville's Natural Child is a throwback outlaw western rock band with traces of psyche and loads of jams. It is California Allmans with Burrito Brothers vibes. The jams are less about showcasing instrumental high spots and more about nailing down a groove that has only occasionally been done this well since 1972. Covers of Waylon's "Rainy Day Woman" and Danny O'Keefe's "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues" fit comfortably amongst their original songs. They slowed it down some at times and hit a hard spacey sound late in the set. I was not so sure about these guys at first, but their uncompromising laid back style slowly unveiled its magic and made for an intriguing 42 minute set. And I like this pairing as these bands have very different sounds, but there is an attitude and style connection.

Black Lips - I always lump this Atlanta band with Black Angels, and Black Mountain into some sort of Black Psychedelic grouping. But unlike Black Metal, this isn't a particularly accurate grouping particularly with the music these four guys deliver. It is fair to put them in the psychedelic category--heck, they even have oil and water bubble projections, but their brand of psychedelics is the harder edged 60s nuggets as filtered through punk rock. There is probably more Dickies than Chocolate Watchband, although both are strong parts of the sound. You could definitely see them as a perfect complement to the Slickee Boys. The songs are crisp with power pop moves which have plenty of fire in the guitars and rhythm section. All of the guys sing, with the drummer having the best voice of the lot. Oh and there is still that mysterious saxophonist who wanders on and off stage on call for when the song calls for a little sax heft. They are nailing it down well tonight as the large crowd is really moving. Four people even jumped on stage to dance at various points, something you don't see much around here (not that it is encouraged anymore). I have been overdue for a Black Lips fix and it is great to see that they still have the energy to dish out to a large room.

Quote of the Night: from the crowd "You just touched my friend's butt. Don't do it again." (jokingly, fortunately--it was crowded).

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