Friday, April 18, 2014

We Are Scientists - Paws -- Black Cat - Apr 17 2014

Paws - This Glasgow trio has taken on the challenge of playing rollicking pop punk music with a fresh approach. It is a tough task making this relevant, beyond the youngest fans, but Paws makes it work. Sure the songs are good, but it is more a matter of personality and energy. They create crackling hooks but have that young energetic thrust that pushes the music out in front of where you expect it. They worked the crowd well between songs and seemed like guys you would want to hang out with and joke around with. I can see them flexing out further like other post-punk era real punk bands like Leatherface and New Model Army. But they are young still, so let's keep rocking hard and fast. They seem to love touring, so take the opportunity to obtain a welcome fix of energy.

We Are Scientists - I recall seeing this California trio, but it was long ago (over 4 years) so I thought they were good, but I did not remember their sound. Well, the sound came back well enough as they played, but once they went into their stage banter, it was the lightbulb above the head moment. Oh, these guys! Their witty and nerdy humor truly befits their band name and is a pleasure all its own. But their music made an even stronger impression on me this time around as I saw a furthering of quality power pop music into songs that had wild guitar patterns that you would not normally associate with fun positive power pop songs. There is a little Green Day here, but with Adolescents soloing carrying the verses. Wild stuff that they make seem way too easy. Unfortunately I was way under the weather tonight as I've exposed myself to a week's worth of Black Cat germs, so I had to give my throat a rest and cut out a little early. But not before I saw enough tonight of these two bands to check out more of their recorded works.

Quote of the Night: I was looking for a soccer game on TV the other day and I caught this bit from some fishing show... "I really think sometimes people over-think bluegills, I really do."


ChrisO said...

BYT recently mentioned Paws as having one of the best albums of 2014. BrooklyVegan has a stream of it (, and it's quite good. I wish I had heard it before the show, but that's life sometimes. I'll try to catch them in the future (but I'm busy the night of the Baltimore show, so it may be a long wait).

David Hintz said...

Yes, Chris. I reviewed it right after the show and it was struck with how different it was vs. the live set. The album was a bit cleaner in spots, but the closing cut pretty much knocked me on the floor. The live set was more steady adrenaline fueled fun. They have talent and seem like really good guys, so I'll certainly stay with their progress.