Wednesday, March 4, 2015

El El - Avers -- Black Cat - Mar 3 2015

Avers - I thought this name was familiar. Turns out I saw this Richmond collective 10 months ago and wrote just about the same review then that I would tonight. So you can click on it and get the gist of this great band. I will add that if you like Black Mountain, Bevis Frond, and any other modern psyche band, you will easily get into Avers. They manage fine songs and extended jams with equal aplomb. Their 45 minute set had me riveted throughout.
El El - This Nashville band also has a crowded stage, but a much quieter sound, which is quite a challenge following such a strong and loud performance. Yet, they nailed it. The rhythm section is strong and there is a saxophone along with what are usually two keyboards with one guitar, but there is some switching off and on. There are a lot of vocalists and the harmonies and variety is quite nice. Is this band the urban smooth of indie rock? I just know that I wished all of electro-pop bands that I see at the U Street Music Hall would sound as good as this. The reason is simple, there are many fine musicians here who have creativity and synchronicity with their fellow players. They are having fun as is the large crowd out tonight in the backstage room of the Black Cat. And I cannot think of a time where I saw such a high percentage of actual dancing going on during a set. This is a band to watch.

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