Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jukebox the Ghost - Little Daylight - Secret Someones -- 9:30 Club - Mar 10 2015

Secret Someones - This is bold assertive pop-rock and is quite pleasing to the ear. No doubt, the full band harmonies help, where even the male drummer joins the three females on bass, guitar and guitar/keyboards. The insturmental sound is gutsy with just a wee bit of variety that leans toward Americana, but never quite gets there. I liked their songs, and although their cover of Nirvana's 'Breed' only came in second best this year of the 2 cover versions I've heard, I liked the personality they infused into their version. Good job with the set and the crowd enthusiasm grew throughout. They will do well.

Little Daylight - In front of the drummer were three keyboard sets with guitars and a bass available for multiple combinations of sound. The real key to making this all work was how they seamlessly blended the lush keyboard sounds with the throbbing bass and quirky guitar sounds. Ultimately, they had some sort of post-punk pop sound with an intelligent classic pop form as well. I enjoyed their twist on Bowie's 'Let's Dance' as some of the audience did just that. The large crowd tonight dug in and had a great time with this set as well.
Jukebox the Ghost - Every city likes to see 'their own' make good, and it has fully happened here with this fine trio. In what is becoming a recurring theme tonight, the music is so smart yet enjoyable. These guys nail the pop sound about as well as you can with a loud intense approach added in. There are two lead vocalists that sound just different enough to work well together. The guitar work is strong with clever restraint used when needed. The drums are as powerful anchor as you would want and can take things up to the next level, which can keep a long set flowing. I really enjoyed the keyboards as the guy can really play. His piano work was full of moves that had me wanting more of the Emerson/Wakeman model in pop or rock music. He also knew when to show off or pull back and handled synthesizer solos as brilliantly as his piano gymnastics. This was a package tour ending tonight and the bands sounded like they truly enjoyed it (yeah, they all do, but this time it seemed a little more so). There are plenty of more tours on the horizon for this outstanding band.

Quote of the Night: From the openers... "This is the last night of the tour with Juicebox the Gh... Juicebox? Yeah we like Juicebox!"

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