Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gutter Twins/Afterhours - Black Cat - Nov 7 2008

Afterhours began with a few utterly brilliant songs before fading into mere decency, only to kick it up a bit at the end. Overall, an eclectic and exciting show with some good songwriting and a style that varied from Beefheart meets Velvet U. arrangements to simple pop-rock. The band is from Milan and was worth seeing all by themselves. A great opener that I hope makes it back to this side of the Atlantic.

Gutter Twins are Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan who spent some time in the gutter between their bigger success, Afghan Wigs and Screaming Trees respectively. Mr. Lanegan helped form Queens of the Stone Age and some great duets with Isobel Campbell as well. They rocked more steadily and consistently than the opener which was both good and bad. Ultimately, the sound grew on me and overally left me happy with their set. The crowd enjoyed it and it was a solid night at the Black Cat.

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