Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jucifer/Death by Sexy/Abiku - Black Cat - January 2 2009

Time to settle in on an evening of local bands on the main stage at the Black Cat to start the New Year. Only a few more people than what would fit in the backstage, but the headliners' wall of cabinets wouldn't fit.

Abiku - Two humanoids, one female, playing a guitar and a Gary Wright style key-synth (remember those early videos?). Their costuming was quite nice with shimmering, silver robes making them look like 1970s SciFi invaders from 1970s Doctor Who or perhaps the Outer Limits. Very noisy, but a few turns of melody and purpose snuck through. Not bad at all, Chrome did it first and better, but someone always does it first and better.

Death by Sexy - This power trio started strong and faded into a comfortable steady background by the end. Still, worthwile, but nothing much to go over the top of the average bluesy rock band power trio. I wouldn't walk out on them if they played again

Jucifer - White Stripes style duo with the genders revered. Ok, this band is the poster child of a question I've long pondered. If you are going to shriek, scratch and scream your way through inaudible lyrics the whole night, why bother writing lyrics? Further, why write a rock opera album about Marie Antoinette? I didn't stay after the show to find out as it was lated and I'm not comped for this. Anyway, Vanilla Sludge of lowest order. Great cabinets, though.

Quote of Night: From Death by Sexy's guitarist... "This next song is about having sex and listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive"

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