Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whigs/Dead Confederate/Trances Arc - Black Cat - March 4 2009

Trances Arc - The first of a trio of Georgia bands spanning Atlanta to Athens kicked off with a medium paced earnest rock sound. Forgettable may be too harsh, but I had a lot on my mind and they didn't grab me from my thoughts too often. Still, it's three bands, so hey, not bad.

Dead Confederate - I've seen Dead Confederate before and the reverb is still set on 11. But that's ok by me as I enjoy their psychedelic slo-core with some faster punches and wallops peppering in on occasion. Jesus and Mary Chain, what have you wrought?

The Whigs - Everyone's favorite political party is now a band and has a had a growing following year by year, unlike the political party. I liked the singer-guitarist with a voice somewhere between Neil Young and Presley... that's Reg Presley of the Troggs. Catchy pop rock with songs that weren't too long and were reasonably laden with hooks. Solid and hard not enjoy for a simple night out on the town.

Surprise of the Night - Everything went like clockwork with quick changeovers and the headliner beginning before eleven allowing them to play a nice long set. Both openers played reasonably sized sets, too, so lots of music and no frustrating waits. I'm even getting through the door more quickly at the Black Cat. Hallelujah.

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