Sunday, April 26, 2009

AvantFairfax Festival 2009 - Old Town Hall - April 25 2009

Very enjoyable festival featuring ten, eleven bands/artists? I lost count and missed I believe one act on each end. Lovely building, very comfortable and good sounds abounded. It was also criminally under priced at $5. In a nutshell, here's a quick glimpse at the proceedings.

Kuschty Rye Ergot - Three guitars, bass, drums and a mac twisted and contorted in feedback reminiscent of early Sonic Youth perhaps. Saw them a while back in DC. Good act.

Insect Factory - Guitar and percussion create nice psyche atmosphere. Saw a version of this at Terrastock last year and this was enjoyable again.

Ezeetiger - This is the bass player (and guitar and drums) for the mighty Paik. He layed down guitar and bass lines in loops and then drummed along. Well done by a creative musician. Good energy, great sound.

Stag Hare - From Utah, a one man Mac user. Sounds were mostly synth drone with guitar and harmonica (first time I've heard this and it wasn't live). A bit long for me, but ok.

Outpost - Solid bass with synths and a touch of guitar and vocals. Almost Kraftwerkian but there are probably better comparisons. Decent songs, good set.

Anduin - ANother one man with computer. Very laid back and I was getting a little drowsy at this time, so the timing was not good for me.

Bomongi - So much for being tired. Wide awake here for Paik's drummer doing his solo act in the manner of his playing partner as shown above. Loud, rocking, but slippery post-rock feel here, too. So see Paik as a group or the solo acts, you can't lose.

Mike Tamburo - Hammered Dulcimer player creating nice music, but pretty much what you would expect in a non-trad fest.

Kohoutek - Reviewed many times before and always fun to see. Check them out yourself.

Quote of the Night - "What would you describe that music as?" asked the homeless lady in front of me, hiding from the sun within the festival. "I would say ambient".

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wrezhu said...

Hey, I just saw the this review last night after Scott from Kohoutek forwarded me the link for the Kuschty Rye w/Love show review. I didn't see you at the Avant Fairfax we did last Saturday Aug 22nd, but we're going to continue to bring out sounds to Fairfax, so keep your ears pointed westward.

I was also at Wovenhand, Flower Travellin' Band, Ghost, AMT, Terrastock, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth and other shows you've reviewed on here. Surprised we haven't met.