Friday, July 17, 2009

Occidental Brothers Dance Band/The Moderate - DC9 - July 16 2009

The Moderate - Ok, we begin with a young band composed of a couple guitars, bass and drums with the guitarist singing. I smell the blood of an indie band. Yes, that's what we have alright in kind of a pop-rock vein with a nod to Neil Young/Tom Petty/alt country once in a while. Started kind of off-kilter early on, but eventually did pretty well. One guitarist broke out a sax a couple of times which worked well. Their Black Keys cover wasn't much help to the set, but I am guessing they still are in need of songs. I think in a year, they'll be just fine.

Occidental Brothers Dance Band - A couple guys from Ghana on drums and vocals/percussion/trumpet teamed up with a guitarist, saxophonist, and a guy playing electric stand-up bass. They all live in Chicago and immediately described themselves as a Central African Jazz Indie Rock band. That's about right. Guitar lines were African styled and the music varied within their description. I didn't feel a wildly compelling drama in the music but it was very well played, fun, and easy to move and dance to. A couple songs did allow me to really soar with them in very high places. Certainly a nice night out for this small to moderate DC crowd tonight.

Quote of the Night: "You don't have to stay in line, you're a regular, come with me." from a server at Ben's Chili Bowl. This 50 year old U Street establishment has been even more packed since Mayor Fenty took the Obamas there for one of their first pre-inaugural meals in DC as president elect family. So 8:00 seating is pretty tough and I was quite surprised that me coming in every three weeks or so for a few months qualified me as a regular, but I'll take it. Now if they will only let me eat for free like Bill Cosby (who last discussed this restaurant on a Sunday morning news show). I am a regular at a couple other places, too, but I will consider the Full Kee in Chinatown my true regular spot.

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