Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fiery Furnaces/Wye Oak/Screens - Black Cat - August 8 2009

Screens - I am smiling very early in the first song. A guitarist, drummer, keyboardist and singer with two guys harmonizing at rare times. Keyboard lead songs with good guitar textures and powerful drumming. Wailing singing as everyone is intense but not in a forceful way. I am thinking it's a great postpunk kind of sound as if imagining ATV getting music lessons from Can. Strong, beguiling music that I could see visibly convince the crowd that they were seeing a very fine band.

Wye Oak - I have reviewed this duo before and enjoyed them a lot. Nothing changed this time, only new songs from a new album. I still enjoy the drummer using feet and his right hand while keeping his left on a keyboard. The vocals are from the female guitarist who does an excellent job as well. Lots of sound from two people, not just a folk sound, but a fuller indie rock sound with some folk elements. Good things can indeed come from Baltimore and this band hopefully will do very well as they increase their touring this year.

Fiery Furnaces - Third time seeing them and they have a different look every time with slight instrument adjustments between the brother and sister duo. This time, brother is solely on guitar (no keys) and sister is solely on vocals. Jason Lowenstein (Sebadoh) is back, but on bass, not guitar. And the fourth member is a drummer. Good, interesting music as always by the Furnaces, but never quite enough to induce me into buying their music. Smart, thoughtful, quietly unique songs that I do enjoy live which is why I keep coming back. There was an added Jangly garage pop this time around. I think I liked the second incarnation better with Lowenstein on guitar. There was a good crowd, but no bigger and maybe a tad smaller than last time which could be due more to the economy than the band. But the crowd enjoyed it and it was a good night on the whole.

Quote of the Night: "You mean I can't take that in? Can I get it back?" from the guy in front of me who had his huge backpack with him and had two normal water canisters and another one that looked to hold about a gallon. He wanted that back and they held it at the ticket counter for him. Thankfully the line and club wasn't jammed or you would here my rant about backpacks.

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