Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mono/Maserati - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - September 26 2009

Maserati - A good 4-piece shoegaze outfit with zero vocals and the briefest of vocal chatter. Good driving bass and a strong drum sound seemed to be everpresent with some shifting guitar sounds, a little feedback, a lot of distortion and some loops or electronica I detected. Pretty good melodies. File between Mogwai and Mono, in spite of the spelling.
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Mono - A Japanese 4-piece with the same two guitar line-up as the openers. I've seen the band once before on a big outdoor stage. Now, it was the intimate club packed full of fans. Mono plays shoegaze rock with lots of dynamic shifts of quiet rock and traditional Japanese melodies into intensely distorting guitar scorching. Even at its screamiest high noise level, you can still here a melody. Really great sounds. No vocals, no talk of any kind, just great music that is really worth a listen if you are at all curious to this style.

Quote of the Night - Well the bands said nothing, I didn't hear anything of note in the crowd, but on tv I heard... "Yer a cruel man, Phil". Ok, that just doesn't work in print unless you heard the soccer commentator saying it in a ripping Scottish brogue that is a bit wilder than Groundskeeper Willie.

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