Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Raveonettes/Black Angels - 9:30 Club - Oct 16 2009

Black Angels - They have a drummer and guitarist and have three others that switch between bass, a couple of guitars, electronics, keyboards, and percussion. They start with a heavy psychedelic garage sound which always wins me over to some degree. The songs were good, a bit rocking, lots of moodiness and one part hooks, two pars jam. The vocals were heavy on the reverb which I almost find as tedious as demonic metal vocals, but there was enough quality singing underneath that it did not bother me a bit this time. Sometimes it was a bit too much a downer (like the recent Coen Brothers movie) but ultimately it was a high quality, well received set (like the recent Coen Brothers movie).

The Raveonettes - The duo returns after playing the Black Cat last time (see far below) and achieves the elevated status of the 9:30 Club for this tour, albeit with the stage pushed forward to the edges of both side bars. The crowd did fill in to make for the desired sardine look that the 9:30 prefers as opposed to giving people room to maneuver and not have purses rammed into their lungs. But I digress. The Raveonettes came with a rhythm section with drums heavily treated to sound nearly electric. There were some things going on in the background more than just guitars, but it was mostly subtle. Vocals and catchy songs in lusch psyche setting are the reason to come and the band delivered. A really nice combination of simple well worked sounds form a reasonably fresh result. Happy times, good light show, sound wasn't fully to my liking as there was too much bass throbbing early, kind of like when the car comes up to you at an intersection and the hip hop bass rattles the newspaper boxes next to you. And note to the manic guy I've seen at other shows. I love the enthusiasm of your pogo and long arms in the air. But lose the high pitched yelps that you do in triplets, timed with the music. Kind of painful and weird. But keep the enthusiasm, it helps at laconic rock shows.

Quote of the Night: From the Black Angels guitarist- "Has anybody got a snare drum? Got a huge hole here. Anyone?" Duct tape to the rescue, but a couple songs later they pulled it up and it was more hole than head at that point. Raveonettes road crew to the rescue and the replacement saved the set.

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