Friday, October 2, 2009

Wavves/Ganglians/Tennis System - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Oct 1 2009

Tennis System - I liked them the first time I saw them and like them even more this time. I still heard the Ride sound this time around but I will add that the bass and rhythm guitar mirror the Wipers kind of rhythm although they don't exactly sound like the Wipers. But any comparison to the Wipers coming from me is a very good thing. The band played strong, rocked out, and have a few really nice songs and is one you do not want to miss by coming fashionably late to the show.

Ganglians - Not exactly freak folk, more like freak plodding rock if there is such a category--hopefully a small one. There was so much reverb on the vocals, I think the sound is still bouncing around in a corner of the club. I almost sense a parody, but not really. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere to go here, it is akin to the classic image of a serpent swallowing it's tail. The slightly slower songs with keyboards were not too bad.

Wavves - This duo has got some media buzz going for it. I normally roll my eyes at the undersized rock band style that is happening more these days, but this guitar-vocals and drummer duo worked just fine for me. The drummer is a blur and pounds the hell out of his kit. The guitarist is loud and flexible. They pound out heavily rocked out songs with plenty of pop hooks. Power-pop is not the correct label, just very catchy fast rock. Great stuff.

Quote of the night: You can guess which band said..."I think this is our last song, maybe not."

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