Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grant Hart / Ambition Burning / The Ultimate Vag - Velvet Lounge - Dec 21 2009

The Ultimate Vag - We have the drummer from "Kohoutek" and a guitarist from "To Live and Shave in LA". They play an extended jam that was quite good. The players are excellent and the guitarist made enough changes to keep any section from becoming too long winded. Some good melodies and attention getting sounds and rhythms throughout.

Ambition Burning - Straight ahead punk rock power trio. A woeful start where they stopped playing with an untuned bass. Then a long tuning break before the second song. Then a song they screwed up twice on, quit and played something else. Then, things started clicking and they showed a glimmer of hope. A few good burners and then a couple that sounded like Spaceman 3 which was quite a nice surprise. So there is something possible for this band. Keep practicing, guys.


 Grant Hart - I had not seen my old buddy in 22 years. After a quick catching up, he hit the stage solo with hollow body guitar plugged straight into an amp. I would have preferred a full band, but his voice was good and his song writing was always good enough to work in any format. Despite the mainstream media coverage, there were no more than 30 people present, although there was the snow and the holidays and other things going on. Still, a nice delivery of some quality pop songs was evident tonight at the dark and quiet Velvet Lounge.

Quote of the Night: from Mr. Hart- "I'm wearing my guitar like a damn apron (strap around front on both sides). Not very professional. I'm sure some of you noticed." He then replayed the opener or did a very long version of it.

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