Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ra Ra Rasputin / Tennis System / Laughing Man / Baywa - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Dec 5 2009

Baywa - "Like Baywatch without the tch"... You have the guitar, bass, drum kit foundation with a female vocalist/keyboardist and a Santana style stand-up percussionist with various drums for sticks and hands. Did the guitarist say the keyboardist was a guest? If so, they should try for permanence as she gave a help to their sound. Clearly, the rhythms were key and were pretty enjoyable all night. I thought the guitar and vocals (at times) were a little herky-jerky which was the intent, but just sounded like lower rate Talking Heads kind of stuff. Nice final song left a good taste in my mouth. Good job.

Laughing Man - The classic power trio comes on after the guitarist plays one bluesy number by himself which features more singing than guitar pyrotechnics. The drums and guitar were pretty simple with the bass a bit more interesting. It is not technically fascinating or brazenly punk shocking or anything, so what is it. I would say it had an "outsider" "real person" concept working here. A few songs were very moving and there was just something primal and powerful when it worked. It does remind me of the mysteries of watching new bands back in the punk days when lots of people tried to do something with music. You would get some fun results. This was fun.

Tennis System - Third time is the charm for me as I see one of DC's finest young bands. I am recognizing some of the songs and they are still awash with swirling shoegaze guitars and pulsating rhythms. A really fine band that should continue to do well. The only negative in the set was me as I was barely able to stay awake since I had spent two days baking, preparing and hosting a brunch for some friends earlier that day. But I could still feel the power tonight. Check out this band soon.

Ra Ra Rasputin - Sorry guys, I left early as I did not have it any me to make it a late one and the club was running a full hour after the posted times tonight.

Quote of the Night: "This song's called 6699.  I think it's cool cuz it looks like quotation marks together. People thinks it's about sex... which it is." from Baywa.

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