Friday, January 8, 2010

Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody / The Jet Age - DC9 - Jan 6 2010

The Jet Age - Three piece with an active drummer, solid bass player and guitar vocalist that shined a bit more as the guitarist. I liked the sound with some good effects and good rock playing. Vocals were decent but lacked confidence at times. I was reminded a bit of Awesome Color who I like quite a bit. I sense these guys are young and still working it out, but they have got a really nice start at it. Stay at it, stay strong!

Adam Franklin Bolts of Melody - I have very slowly become a big fan of the former Swervedriver singer. His solo career is going well with a couple of albums and a couple of US tours. His music is almost a perfect formulaic balance of psyche, shoegaze, rock and pop. Only a modest turnout tonight, but a strong base of fans for him. Many people were very enthusiastic, as was I. I really enjoy his songs and the subtle jamming done around them. Every band member has touch and taste and it is such a pleasure to see them. No cynicism tonight, I will just continue to gush here.  I appreciate his work effort as much as his songs and wish him much more success.

Quote of the Night: from the opener- "...Now's the time to get your refund, but Adam Franklin is up in 45 minutes, so you may want to stick around." Please, Mr. Jet Age, show some confidence. This would be funny if it was coming from Rat Scabies or someone from that era, but dig in, rock out, have fun and apologize to no one!


JetAgeEric said...

I made the joke about refund because someone came looking to hear Office of Future Plans, who were supposed to open but had to cancel. I just didn't want anyone to feel hoodwinked.

I've made three records with the Jet Age and am pushing 40; bless you for calling us young! :) -E

David Hintz said...

Thanks Eric. You are young compared to me, but that's not saying much as everyone in a rock club is. I would have to hang out in jazz clubs to fit in these days. Thanks for the clarification.