Friday, January 22, 2010

We Are Scientists - Uninhabitable Mansions - Black Cat - Jan 21 2010

Uninhabitable Mansions - My second viewing of this five-piece from Brooklyn. And without looking at the previous review, I think the result was pretty similar tonight. They play a really nice ringing sort of pop music that sometimes steps up the pace or has some subtle lead noise from the lead guitarist. Good vocal interplay between a male and female voice, although the female voice was a bit soft partly due to her style and maybe a bit of soundboard issues. It did get a bit better, so the harmonies ultimately worked. Some songs were just a little too soft, lush pop which had my mind wandering more than I would have liked. Those songs were just as good, but seemed for fitting for a college radio show. Still, a good set by a good band that I cannot help liking.

We Are Scientists - Two straight nights of power-pop born out of punkrock, or something like that. This time it is an American version. We Are Scientists delivered the goods with vocal driven songs featuring plenty of riffing, inventive bass lines, and a good pop from the drummer who was doing his second show with them. The band is clearly smart and funny as their stage banter was well above average. I especially liked the guitarist mishearing (or maybe not) audience comments and twisting them into odd phrases. Very catchy songs and a very appreciative audience that almost filled the club. My home listening leans toward brooding, powerful stuff far too often. That is why it is always a pleasure to go out and just rock out, smile, and have some fun with a band like this.

Quote of the Night: "I just heard someone say about our drummer 'he's Mark Twain!'" -- as mentioned above.

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