Monday, January 11, 2010

Zlam Dunk / Detox Retox - Black Cat - Jan 10 2010

Zlam Dunk -  A vocalist/percussionist is supported by guitar, bass, drums, and keys. He does a melodic punk style with tight pounding rhythms and guitaring and cool swirling keyboard playing. Really nice attack with a good 80s dance style added with the keys. A lot of sounds and subtle style shifts underneath keeps this music very interesting with each song. Nothing profound, just subtle shifts and altogether fun attitude from the band. Quite fresh and there was even an Akron/Family style a capella break in one song. These guys are from the Austin area which could help them on their way if they don't get lost in the shuffle. I hope they stick to it and keep having fun on the road.

Photos by Stas Casa

Detox Retox - There was a very large percentage of women in the crowd which had me puzzled, although when this band kicked in, I think I had my answer. The four-piece had a very pop-rock sound with attractive hooks. There was a dingy sound at first that had me disoriented a bit. It kind of helped with the rock aspect, but it was not clear to me what the intent was. The sound eventually gelled a bit better as the night went on and perhaps I got more used to their style, too. I heard an Echo and the Bunnymen vibe at times. The songs were decent enough and although I enjoyed the opening band a bit more, I would put my money on this band for a bigger audience down the road. But I am not very good at handicapping these things--which makes me the perfect A&R guy for a major label. That is, assuming that position even exists anymore.

Observation of the Night: I believe I saw someone texting with thick gloves or mittens on. Or perhaps his phone had an app that channeled directly into his brainwaves? I admit to not keeping up with these trends.

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