Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alberta Cross - Hacienda -- Black Cat - Feb 3 2010

Hacienda - From San Antonio, comes a four-piece with the usual players and a full time keyboardist. They all sing with two primarily in the lead position. The sound is kind of garage rock and I like the swirling organ in the opening jam. There is a feel for some of that old time Texas garage rock which is pretty powerful stuff, even beyond the well known bands. The rhythm was a bit primitive and the songs did not really vary a lot so I didn't get anything that really stood out for me. But I did enjoy the quality and the sound, so it was a solid opening set.

Alberta Cross - This is the second time for me seeing this band. I was quite surprised and impressed the first time I saw them as an opening act. Apparently I was not alone as the backroom was jam packed with fans, many admitting to seeing them the last time in town. They cover a range of styles in the indie world with a bit of Americana, rock and folk in the brew. The songs are so strong, it does not beg one to spend time on categories. They are loud and quiet, driven by guitars or keyboards, whatever they choose. And I am not sure I believe my ears. Is that a mellotron they are touring with or something similar? Wonderful, great sounds, good creativity and just plain great songs. Recommended for music lovers everywhere.


Quote of the Night: Well, actually during the day at home: After the evil creature shouts "I'm your Id!!", the response is "You don't scare me with your big words" Huh? I am too embarrassed to mention the source on this one.

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