Thursday, March 25, 2010

Record Reviews - March 2010

Washington DC's own Imperial China has released their second record, this time a full length player featuring nine exciting songs. The band immediately hit me with a strong Gang of Four sound, only with a guitar that was tougher in the mix. They work this style well, but vary it with rhythmic industrial sounds, post-punk slo-core, world music and much more. It is always a strong, aggressive sound and they succeed in creating different atmospheres with tempo shifts and adept song writing. I even hear some of the industrial dance sound which I first heard with my good friends, Dementia Precox, in the Dayton, Ohio scene of my youth. But don't let the old school memories think that you have heard this before. There is such a mix of styles clearly rooted into a unified sound, that you should give this your attention and enjoy it for the strong record it is.

They play the Velvet Lounge this Friday and have shows planned in May, so check out the live sound as well.

Individual song highlights:
All that is Solid - A powerhouse Gang of Four styled rocker that will awaken you to all the excitement to come.
A Modern Life - I really like that the rhythm causes bodily tension as you tap your toe to this infectious beat.
Go Where Airplanes Go - Do I detect some African Blues here? More creativity that fits their overall sound and is not merely a kitchen sink approach.

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