Sunday, March 14, 2010

(sounds of) Kaleidoscope - Kohoutek - Gondola - Inzinzac -- Velvet Lounge - March 13 2010

Inzinzac - Sorry guys, missed the set due to the Giberto Gil show.

Gondola - Haven't seen this power trio in about a year, but looking forward to it. Blue Cheer meets Hawkwind and roars out a monster of a set. Even less vocals thank Kinski with this band, but more than Kohoutek. Still, there were some moments where a song broke out of the jams. But I am not complaining, as the jams were powerful and easy to get into, especially with the powerhouse drummer. Strong stuff and well worth the price of admission alone.

Kohoutek -Still a good band after multiple viewings/listenings. We got the usual dynamic build at the outset with lots of great psyche sounds and moves. Just when they veer a bit too much toward noise for my tastes, they pull back with some creative rhythms and melodic passages. Always a good loud presentation, I found this was a good set tonight.

(sounds of) Kaleidoscope - Another old favorite of mine hits the stage very late. These three bands are doing a small tour in the area and it appears most or all are off to Austin, the Mecca of music in March. Kaleidoscope delivered its excellent song-oriented psyche-rock, with some shoegaze moves and indie appeal. A few songs sounded like Morrisey singing in front of Sonic Youth at their rockingest if you want to audio-visualize something. I like their sound, their songs, and even the way they handled a friendly heckler. I enjoyed trying to figure out if they were really covering Zeppelin's "Achilles Last Stand" late in the set. They were. They share a drummer with Gondola so the anchor is there. The guitarists and bassist do well on top with good vocals as well. See this band, you will be a happy person.

Quote of the Night: from the crowd - "I AM Greek and I want more!"

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