Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beatallica - Borracho -- Black Cat - April 19 2010

Borracho - Thick, hard rock immediately comes our way when this twin-guitar four-piece kicks it in. It's heavy with some metal, a bit of stoner rock, and when they add a little pace, they kind of head into Kyuss territory which I enjoy. They do seem to spend more time with the slower heavier rock sound in which they do well to avoid plodding. I prefer the faster or mid tempo songs a bit more, but the band is effective and has a good sound overall. A good opening tonight.

Beatallica - The sound was a bit rickety out of the gate, but eventually the guitars shined through and everyone was happy. And it usually is a happy fun time at a Beatallica show. The four piece from Milwaukee take Beatle tunes and play them in a Metallica fashion with reworked lyrics that go in the metal direction. They drew a decent crowd and most everyone is aware of what they do these days, although there may still be a small portion of the crowd that is surprised. They have been doing this a long time and they do it very well. The one thing that has changed is that they now sell CDs of their songs. Initially, they had legal issues to contend with and just gave the songs away. Metallica enjoyed their act, but the Beatles have been corporate a long time and the songs aren't even with the members anymore anyway. But Weird Al Yankovich manages as does Lez Zeppelin, so they figured out a way and now release music on an indie label. They still have the good stage patter and have great stage names like Ringo Larz on drums, so the set always is fun and moves along nicely. They have their chops musically and really do a great job with the songs. They played their recent title cut, "Masterful Mystery Tour" with the Beatles melody intact and slipped in some "Master...Master" moments from "Master of Puppets". Clever, fun and worth checking out if you like almost any kind of rock music.

Quote of the Night: Borracho responding to audience cry... "You said we sound awesome or awful?"
"Awful? Well we practice to sound awful."
"Oh, ok, we get off on self degradation."

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