Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Alberta Cross - The Cobbs -- 9:30 Club - April 5 2010

The Cobbs - This looks to be a very young five piece with a couple of guitars, keyboards and the two guitarists alternating lead vocals and doing plenty of harmony. They have a really good, hard indie rock sound with nice ringing guitars. They tried to control feedback a few times, but did not really handle it that well. A perfectly good set, but they seem like a band that could get lost in the shuffle--at least in my world anyway. Because they have talent, they may connect and do well. We shall see.

Alberta Cross - This is my third time seeing this band in the eighteen months of this blog. I have pretty much raved about them in the past and nothing has changed my mind tonight. They have gone from reminding me of a Neil Young based rock band to a fine original unit with their own sound. They vary the songs enough during the set to allow hard rockers and thoughtful ballads of sort. Nice sound tonight and a band you should be checking out if you have not already.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - This is also the third time for me with this band, although it has been more than three years since my last viewing. This trio has a great sound and can play strong noisy independent rock along with the Americana-rock they unleashed in their album "Howl". They have a new drummer who I immediately noticed as the drums were pounding into my ears. This was loud, so loud that I decided to move back to the sound booth. The sound man was working non-stop with a flashlight in his mouth, tweaking, turning and twisting. It was still too loud with too much humming sludge. The vocals were clear but I think their songs deserved better. My right ear was throbbing as I tried to sleep later that night. Unless I am confident their approach to their live show will change, I think I will stick to their records.

Quote of the Night: from the crowd... "I was at the baseball game today, and no work tomorrow, then off to the Masters practice on Wednesday--busy week."

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