Friday, April 23, 2010

The Points - Davey Crockett - Maybe, Baby -- DC9 - April 22 2010

Maybe, Baby - We have a male/female duo on guitar and drums respectively with the guitarist doing the vocal chores. So, basically a White Stripes lineup with a guitarist no where near as good but a drummer that is better (which I could say about any other White Stripes type lineup). Based on the X's on their hands, this is a young upstart band. They appear pretty active and know what they are doing onstage. It was kind of a harsh garage punk that had a Cramps feel without the rockabilly. Good punk spirit if not fully developed. The vocals were buried which is kind of hard with so few instruments. Still, I enjoyed the set enough to recommend them. I'll keep watching and listening.

Davey Crockett - Another duo with another small drum kit (no toms other than floor and one less cymbal). They are from Texas, hence the name. A couple of guys this time playing very similar music to the first band. A bit more forceful and plenty of pace, but I would still say it was really fast garage punk and not hardcore. Fair set, but my favorite part was hearing a Zero Boys song come on the PA after they were finished (note - I knew the ZBs back in the early Midwest days where I grew up and am jealous of a KC friend of mine who had them come to his town which is rare that he gets a great act that doesn't come to DC).

The Points - Finally a real power trio! Ah, but the drum kit is still without toms, aside from floor. I think I saw these guys some time ago and they have been around DC for a while. A good dirty Misfits sound without the over-the-top Danzig vocals. So that does mean some decent hook oriented songs underneath the intense energetic playing. Good sound and they handled the guitar break-down well enough to keep it going. I found the crowd beer spraying toward stage to be as dull and cliched as anything else I don't want to see at punk shows in 2010. Funny, that I was just reading about the Public Image initial US tour earlier that day. I recall they had a sheer curtain between the band and audience to keep the puppets from gobbing over the band. Some things don't change.

Quote of the Night: from the headliners "How you guys doing tonight? Yeah, I know, whatever."

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David Hintz said...

Yeah, and we wouldn't want them messin' up yer scene.