Sunday, May 2, 2010

DC ROCK LIVE on the road...

Greetings all. I am taking the act on the road tomorrow flying to London to see the Stooges with Suicide at the Hammersmith Apollo. Then it is up to Edinburgh to see the Caedmon reunion shows (first in 32 years). I will try to post from the UK, but if not, you'll get the writeups on May 10th. And then, it is a lot more DC shows.

It has been eighteen fun months of doing this blog and I plan to keep going strong. I was going to write an autobiographical piece but I get depressed before trips and wasn't up to it (yeah, I know, that sounds opposite of the way it should go). But I'll get some more things up this month and may try some other ideas.

So keep rocking in DC. I'll be back in time for the Buzzcocks and PiL and the great local scene..


Michael Darpino said...

Have a good trip! Very curious to see the Stooges review. I am catching them at ATP NY in Sept. I'll be at Buzzcocks and PIL - maybe we could meet up.

David Hintz said...

Spectacular! I would have said that a few days ago, but now after the show as I write this from Scotland, the Stooges are still worth travelling for. Yes, let's hook up. Write me back at and I'll be in touch Monday or Tuesday before those shows.