Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dead Meadow - Jacuzzi Boys -- Black Cat - June 15 2010

Jacuzzi Boys - I have no idea why, but this trio looks like they are going to be fun even as they are plugging in. And I was right as they just went into a buzzsaw set of songs that reminded me of a Jay Reatard sort of set, which sadly we will never see again. These guys were born in a garage and it sounds like they will stay there until they die. Quick, hard and simple, sort of like a cross between the Cramps and 999. Nothing revolutionary here, just a good time that most of the crowd seemed to appreciate.
Dead Meadow - Long been one of my favorite bands, I will not ever miss an opportunity to see this interesting trio. They have a great psychedelic sound with steady pounding drums, throbbing playful basslines, chunky Sabbath/Spaceman riffs cut with spacey wah-wah leads, and sexy searching vocals. Good crowd tonight backstage, but I keep waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with this band. They are huge with insiders and get some great ATP shows which are curated by other musicians. They grow their fanbase with the usual combination of releasing good records and touring hard. I thought tonight's show was as good as any, maybe the best that I have seen. They added some new songs since last time and one of the great things about them is that they write excellent songs and jam with them as opposed to just throwing out some cool psychedelic jams. They were rocking for about 75 minutes and everyone was digging it. There is no reason for rock fans not to try out this band based on all the years I have been following them. It just keeps getting better and better.

Quotes of the Night: "This is a song about dead animals", "This is a song about baseball"... The opening band proved you can keep your stage banter as simple as your songs and make it all cohesive and successful.

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