Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loose Lips - Detox Retox - The State Department -- Black Cat - June 19 2010

The State Department - The first of three local bands I have seen in the past. First up we have a four-piece with drums, bass, guitar and a vocalist with just a bit of keyboard noodling. I love the guitar sound as it fits in with those beautiful 60s garage bands with thick strong distortion. But it does not overpower the mix which is good as the rhythm section is tough and the vocals are out front. They aren't also stuck in the garage as the songs are modern, accessible and fun. The axemen switch instruments which doesn't alter much except the guitar break is more of a post punk wash as opposed to linear soloing. Good songs, good set and good crowd support. This is a band to check out.

Detox Retox - Another four piece with a singer adding some guitar, keys and percussion at times. This is the first of two bands celebrating their new releases tonight. These guys have a really nice individualized sound that keeps their indie rock songs from staying with the pack. The lead guitar has a compressed attacking sound that is quite unique and enjoyable. The singer has a nice range and the rhythm section keeps things bouncy. Catchy songs and the crowd started growing into what was a pretty nice number for the main stage at the Black Cat with three up and coming local bands. And speaking of which, multiple members of the other two bands joined these guys at the end for a nice rousing "Suffragette City". Another fine set and another local band that is worth your time and hard earned dollars.

Loose Lips - And finally, the third four piece featuring a twin guitar attack and another good dancy rock style that fits right in to this evening's show. They have a new ep out which sounds good based on the live versions. The last cut they played from it was particularly outstanding I thought. And it really helped vary their sound a bit which may have been the only complaint I had up to that point. The rhythm section was even more reggae-rock based than the previous bands. The pace was good and the hooks were enough to keep interest in the songs as you dance along, should you choose. And another Saturday night is in the books where we can all celebrate the fine local music there is in this town.

Quote of the Night: From the openers..."It's all Cream covers from here out...This is a Cream b-side."

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