Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tennis System - Asteroid No. 4 - Some guy -- Velvet Lounge - June 12 2010

Some Guy - Some guy started off with a harmonica solo, then a guitar and vocal song and finally a poem. As he talked between songs, I wondered what drug he was on, but it was so odd, I eventually thought he may have a speech defect. I did not bother to find out (obviously). This was "real people music" as someone once defined it and it wasn't nearly as interesting as Larry "Wildman" Fischer, although I hope this guy is less "real" than Fischer. This was short, although with a start time just after 10:30pm, that was essential.

Asteroid No. 4 - This is one of several interesting psychedelic bands from Philadelphia. I was looking forward to them as I have their first album, but haven't kept up with them. They went on stage with three guitars, bass (guitarist/vocalist from Kaleidoscope) and drums. Two of the guitarists sang and there was good emphasis on both the vocals and the songs which were surprisingly traditional within the psychedelic wash. At times I even heard songs that made me think of Husker Du or Dinosaur Jr. if only they had started ten years earlier (and kept the guitar fireworks to a minimum). Good sound, nice songs and a good appreciative crowd. I don't ask for much more than that except...

Rest of the Show - Way too late for me tonight to continue. The last time I was at the Velvet, I was here until 4:30am (one hour due to time change) and although I think they were on track to better that, between my illness and historical lack of sleep during the summer months, I had to take a pass on two of my favorite bands. Or was it just one? I am not sure if Kaleidoscope was on the bill. Well, sorry, but I really think most shows should start before 10:00pm. Running a little long on weekends may work, but not this time for me.

Quote of the Night: Actually I had a second good one from the other night, courtesy of Ward White... "This is yet another power pop song about the relationship between Freud and Kafka."

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