Monday, June 28, 2010

Walter Schreiffels - John Bustine -- DC9 - June 27 2010

John Bustine - I just saw this singer/guitarist earlier this month, so scroll down to the June 3rd show or click here to get the details as not much changed for this set. But it is nice seeing him again as he has a very nice style. His songs are a bit on the down side of life and he does pull the listeners into his world effectively enough. Always worth a listen. I am sure I will be seeing him again some time.

Walter Schreifels - Well, opening with a song called "Arthur Lee's Lullabye" is a nice start for this singer with acoustic guitar. While his name was not familiar to me at first, I had read that he was in a couple popular hardcore punk bands, Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today. The latter being a band that is key to a personal mystery. I ended up with a Youth of Today t-shirt and I cannot recall seeing them. My memory of bands I have seen is in the MENSA category, so this really frustrates me. I know I did not have their records, so how did I get that t-shirt? Well, it's gone now as I sold it with its tattered collar to someone in Germany who has an on-line museum of Youth of Today t-shirts and a few other NYC hardcore bands. What a world. But back to this set. He seemed likable enough, although his stories between songs were a bit odd and non-linear. He did Gorlla Biscuits songs, a cover of Agnostic Front and Sick of it All medley (one of his favorite bands, not mine). The harmonica came out later, predictably. Frankly, I am becoming less interested in punk and hardcore guys going acoustic. It is happening a lot and it can work pretty well (TV Smith for example), but if you are up there all by yourself, you better have something beyond Sick of it All. And I really did not feel it tonight. I was comfortable with the music, just not inspired to get involved.

Quote of the Night: Lyric from John Bustine... "I was headless for you..." This one reminds me of one of my favorite Dementia Precox songs called "Love is Headless" which was named for a line from a Dark Shadows episode where someone tried to compare an incident where a headless ghost was attacking someone to a basic love affair. I miss writing like that.

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