Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kurt Vile & the Violators - Purling Hiss -- Black Cat - Nov 24 2010

Purling Hiss - There are a few things I share in common with Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover magazine. One of them is where if we compare a band to the Wipers, we are giving them some of the highest praise we can. That is precisely what I will do here. Although the power trio known as Purling Hiss, like most all bands, have a way to go before they can reach Wipers like heights, they already have the skills to bring much joy to forlorn Wipers fans. The rhythm section is particularly similar with its steady foundation without frills, but plenty of pop. The guitar and vocals are more unique here as expected but still work a similar territory of accessible yet deep rock music with elements of garage, punk and power pop. There is also a bit more modern feel to this band in a Jay Reatard sort of way. The songs are immediate with good vocals and time for some jamming and soloing. And as for their name? Well, I like Cunning Stunts better, but that's been done a couple of times. The crowded club was enjoying it and I have certainly found a band to fill a niche in my listening world.
Kurt Vile & the Violators - I saw this outfit one year ago (reviewed here) and it was also on the backstage at the Black Cat closing out a tour. The band is the same as I remember with a couple of electric guitarists and a drummer surrounding Vile who sings and plays acoustic and electric. One guitarist plays a sax on one song. I think I enjoyed tonight's show even more than last time. The droning psyche moves early on with primitive Velvet Underground beats really moved me. The guitar sound really swirls around allowing plenty of room for the vocals along with some nice melodic moves underneath. Vile's range is excellent and he varies the songs nicely into dark urban space and open country, yet still has command of his sound. There is a Dead Meadow feel but the rhythms are quite different. I also heard some Bevis Frond, which is not surprising as they have a similar approach, albeit the Frond being a bit heavier. Excellent original songs and a cover of the Rolling Stones "Monkey Man" kept me in a hypnotic happy state all through the set. A good crowd tonight and the already positive buzz around Vile should continue to grow.

Quote of the Night: From Vile's guitarist coming back onstage after the last song... "No one else is coming out. I'll just make some noise until you all leave. But first I gotta tune."  That may have been fun, but they did come out and do one band song with Vile remaining for one (sounded like two to me) solo acoustic numbers.

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