Friday, January 28, 2011

Twin Tigers - Tennis System -- Black Cat - Jan 27 2011

Tennis System - It has been far too long since I last saw this exciting area four-piece. In fact, they have expanded with some membership changes and additions into a five-piece employing a keyboardist. The sound remains the same with their usual shoegaze wash of intense psychedelic fury. However, their newer material (destined to come out in May or some time this year) has even stronger pop hooks than before. Still, plenty strong, but slightly more accessible. Strong 40 minute set tonight complete with smoke machine bursts and projected lighting effects. A more than half filled backstage audience seemed to know this band at least as well as I did, and although quiet, were pretty well into the music. I have not witnessed a bad set by these guys yet.
taken by mike white
Twin Tigers - This is a two-guitar four piece with male and female vocals and the basic rhythm section. They are from Athens, Georgia which certainly has a few bands of note, but it had me thinking. I have yet to see a band from Athens, Greece, despite a healthy amount of Grecian records in my collection. Can I not get a reunion by Socrates drank the Conium? Or perhaps Aphrodite's Child, Poll, PLJ Band? Where is Dionyssus Savopoulos these days? But I digress. To the matter at hand, Twin Tigers is another rock solid shoegaze styled band. They have the great swirl of sound and can be fairly heavy but maybe even a bit more to the accessible hook side of pop music. Their sound is quite dreamy much of the time and very easy to get lost in. They had some slower moments that created great tension so they understand dynamics and pacing about as well as anybody in this genre. They were surprised at the size of the crowd, so it appears they are just getting around a bit. I will be paying attention to see how they do, it could be quite well.

Quote of the Night: From one of the twin tigers... "We would like to thank the Tennis System because they are the coolest band we've played with on this tour." Not too surprising as the Black Cat did a great job of matching tonight. Just as they were eclectic a few nights back, they lined up kindred spirits tonight. It works both ways as long as the quality is there.

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