Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bobb Trimble - Kuschty Rye Ergot - Pablonious Bill -- Velvet Lounge - June 17 2011

Pablonious Bill - It has been a while since I have seen this odd little outfit. They line up with two guitarists (one on vocals) and a drummer. Their saxophonist is ill so it is a bit more lo-fi tonight. They play bluesy low riding psyche in a manner similar to MV & EE and whatever backing band Matt Valentine is playing with. It is also a bit like Vetiver, but more twisted east coast than California styled. They get a chuckle of their very accurate self description... "We're a slack rock band, used to be a folk rock band". The songs are interesting, nothing fancy, but oddly compelling in their own odd way. The band creates a good atmosphere. The drummer's breaks are a bit odd and sometimes I feel a bit jolted out of time, but with no bass or saxophone and guitarists that probably don't care a lot about the time, he is a bit on an island. If you are willing to meet this band on their turf, you can get something out of the experience. The sharp Bobb Trimble crowd was willing and did.

Kuschty Rye Ergot - The core of Kohoutek is at it tonight in the guise of Kuschty Rye Ergot. This "side project" has been around a while and has a distinct personality all its own. It is instrumental music with guitar, bass, and percussion.  The two long songs tonight each have their own style. The first follows the A list of Krautrock (Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free, Amon Duul II) and probably many other bands that don't start with 'A'. The music is melodic and full of the expected dynamic strengths that these guys know how to deliver, time in, time out. There are twists and turns along the way, the path of the song is assured. The second song in this 40-minute set has a more American/UK style psychedelic feel to it. It is spacey with a good straight forward melody where the band continues to show their grasp of their sound. And even seeing them many times as I have, they are creative enough to keep it fresh so I can come back for more. And if I see them in a support slot, I also know I will be privileged to see another great band next...
Bobb Trimble
Bobb Trimble - A cult figure if ever there was one is Bobb Trimble. His music has long been a part of my collection, but I always had trouble putting him in a category. Psychedelic for sure, but his music was straight rock at times while folky at others. He worked out of Massachusetts in the early 80s which was a time to get lost if you were not doing some sort of punk or edgy post punk music. Perhaps it did not help that he did not play out much as the three dates on this weekend tour in Philly, DC and Baltimore were his debuts in each city. Trimble is playing with a second guitarist, female vocalist and a rhythm section. Two things were great to see straight away. He still has his unique high voice, a bit older, but still capable. Also, that amazing swirl in his guitar is still there giving even the simplest song its psychedelic spot in the universe. His female vocalist sings along with him in all but a few spots and their voices work magic. I also agreed with her two favorite songs (Glass Menagerie Fantasies and Selling me Short), although "When the Raven Calls" was brilliant as well. Trimble reminds me a bit of Pete Hammill without the burning intensity as he seems to want to have more fun playing his music than driving out his demons as Hammill will do. Trimble's music is hard for me to place, but it is psychedelic and he calls a couple songs country, some rock, some folk, but it's all his and all worth a listen. 30-40 people drifted in and out and were treated to a lovely set that went over an hour. I will happily stay up late to be this engaged. Smiles were all around. Hopefully he is having enough fun that he will get out some more.

Quote of the Night: Trimble... "There's a video of this on YouTube or EBAY or somewhere."

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