Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter Hook and the Light present "Closer" -- 9:30 Club - Sep 21 2011

Peter Hook and the Light - I was a bit uncertain a year ago when Peter Hook came to town with this band who promised the first Joy Division album played in its entirety. Not to worry, as the music was authentic, well rehearsed and delivered with genuine quality. Hook's voice was fine and they dug deep into the catalog and even did songs by the pre-Joy Division band, Warsaw. It was a great show with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" as an encore being the only song after the first album. So it was natural that Hook would return with the final Joy Division chapter, "Closer". The set up was the same with Hook singing and playing 2nd bass when not singing. The usual guitar, bass, and drums were assisted with a keyboardist. "Isolation" really cooked and this band really creates the unique Joy Division feeling well. Hook still does a credible Ian Curtis style singing by way of Jim Morrison, although I hope he does not carry his mini-Misfits haircut to the full Misfits extreme. "Closer" is a little deeper than the first album and is not as immediate. I enjoyed hearing it live, loud and complete as this helped navigate the dense forest of this album. And for an encore, the band treated us to "Digital", "Disorder", "She's Lost Control", "Day of the Lords", "Transmission", and "Love Will Tear Us Apart". With that kind of encore, maybe next time we will get the works in one big blow-out set. Although I note that he is touring both albums on this tour perhaps depending on if he did "Unknown Pleasures" previously in that city. This music will live a very long time and I am glad Peter Hook and his willing compatriots are breathing life into it so successfully on stage. Joy Division music is essential and this evening bore that out.
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Quote of the Night: Peter Hook stuck to the basics tonight, so I had to venture further south of Manchester toward Birmingham to the city of Wolverhampton and their football manager Mick McCarthy... "Opinions are like backsides. We've all got one but it isn't always wise to air them in the public."

And as the Football365 writers note, it's the always that's slightly bothering us.


michael darpino said...

I was at this show too. I checked your usual spot and didn't see you. Sorry to have missed you!

David Hintz said...

Hi Michael. I think my usual spot is rotating up to the balcony more, although I sometimes rotate down. I am sure you enjoyed the show, too. Hope to see you one of these days and am happy to see you can still make it out even with all those added duties!