Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lightfoot - Loose Lips - Ugly Purple Sweater - Paperhaus -- Black Cat - Jan 27 2012

Paperhaus - This local four-piece is rapidly becoming one of my favorites in the area. They have the skills to showcase their unique music to much broader audiences. And tonight looks like a good start there as the main stage is open for this local showcase and the masses are here. Fantastic turnout for these bands. Paperhaus begins with their Russian language song that is just as unique musically with its liquid guitar runs. There is such a witty way these guys have with pulling out completely melodic passages out of challenging guitar and bass moves. Songs start off as dreamy psyche with ionic disturbance within the molecular structure or they start with jagged rock with the dreamy psyche sneaking in underneath. Give this band a listen and I think you will be as convinced as I or at least as convinced as the supportive crowd was tonight.

Ugly Purple Sweater - This band lines up with a lead singer on acoustic guitar, electric guitar/vocals, bass, drums, and keyboards/banjo. The club is really packed now and they are treated to a band whose songs are snazzy fun. Not sure why I noted it that particular way, but it may be due to a somewhat old fashioned approach, yet their sound will easily fit in with the laziest indie rock fan. The vocals are quite distinct and dramatic. They have a flourish that is somewhere between the Decembrists and Queen (Queen may always occupy the top of that scale). I even heard some Jacques Brel for a bit, but the guitars were too rocking in that particular song. This was a very nice 34 minute set which was perfect for a Friday night crowd. This band has fine command of their interesting material and they exude both confidence and relaxed fun as they present it.

Loose Lips - I saw this four-piece once in June, 2010. While I began with interest in seeing where they were these days, we all quickly learned that this was their last show. Frankly, there is not much point in going into a lot of depth on the sound for bands finishing up their run. But they had nice catchy tunes, although it was hard to read the mostly relaxed mood on stage by some of the players. The crowd gave them a proper sendoff. Good luck on future endeavors, guys.
Lightfoot - Unfortunately I am a little gassed at this point. Gassed as in tired, but also the Mexican dinner is adding the more literal meaning here. But I do stick around for a few songs from this local outfit. There is less psyche and post punk going on here, but the cleaner pop rock songs with some nice biting guitar come off quite well. I liked the nice little shift into the Morricone/Sadies territory, and although not as heavy as the Sadies, the atmosphere created was quite vibrant. These guys drew a really big crowd tonight, so I am sure they will be back and I will hopefully be around to give a more thorough listen. I am intrigued enough for now.

Quote of the Night: From the Paperhaus bass player... "This song is dedicated to those laws that made Wikipedia shut down for a day." ...made?

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