Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Geogre Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic -- 9:30 Club - Feb 7 2012

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic - What more can you say about this show? Of course the collective of 15-20 people roaming around the stage are going to put out a long set of great music. That is pretty much a given, which is why they still pack the house at a moderately sized ticket price. Sadly, Garry Shider is no longer with us to supply his antics, but a lot of the key players are still aboard. George Clinton was a little surprised dressed in a nice suit with a stylish hat and someone on stage even reminded us of that in case we were expecting the rainbow afro. Clinton later changed into some cool but comfortable garb. Early on, he really reached deep for his growling vocals. They just jammed and jammed with various recognizable cuts worked in. They reached "Maggot Brain" 65 minutes in and had either only one or two breaks before that. Michael Hampton was on board yet again to deliver the searing guitar solo that Eddie Hazel originated. I am not sure they could ever get away with playing that magic moment. Well, they probably could since everything else is so much fun, but I among many would miss it. Unlike early in the set when some guys in front of me were giving the Dio Metal Appreciation symbol, this song earns it. And of course that is why I come back to this set often. Clinton and company have a genius for combining genres into their brand of funk music that works so well live. The controlled chaos onstage is always under control with masterful players rotating in and out of the spotlight. It is fun and if you've never been, do it before other key members die or retire.


Quote of the Night "I got nothing." That's me. I'm a bit stressed with today's schedule, so I can't go find a good one and they were all the usual ones last night. But I had two last night, so expect more from me tomorrow as the Show-a-day schedule continues.

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