Saturday, August 25, 2012

Presto Bando and more... Red Palace - Aug 24 2012

I arrived late to the show and caught the second to last of the four bands playing tonight.

The Petticoat Tearoom - I caught about 15 - 20 minutes of this set and it was pretty good. Violin along with the usual trio of rock instrumentation was the foundation here. Songs were not overly loud and had a tricky personal vibe that I will have to work out further when I see a whole set. I am intrigued enough to want that to happen.

Presto Bando - I mostly just wanted to say to the three PB'ers, but if I can take in a full set, all the better. They are as fun as usual with a good crowd here tonight. It was nice to see Corey back on bass, as the last couple times out they played as a duo. For those that haven't read my many positive words about these guys before, they have a jagged guitar, a smooth active bass, crisp precise drumming, and manically crazed vocals. It is some combination of Modern Lovers, Meat Puppets, and Magic Band (as in Captain Beefheart and the...). I do have Magic Band on the mind too much (see quote below), but Presto Bando takes its cue from some of the more original bands out there from any era and shoots off in their own fun direction. Take them in some time.

Quote of the Night: From Rockette Morton to Captain Beefheart... "If you want to quit all this damn extra-curricular bullshit and just play music and get the album done, I'll be glad to come back."

Basically, take your favorite Trout Mask Replica musician and you can plug in their name to... 'Don Van Vliet (C. Beefheart) was a bully who treated ______ harshly and cruelly and made for a horrible situation. He didn't pay ______ and although he had creative ideas, he would have been nothing without the arrangements by John 'Drumbo' French who formed the crazy snippets of brilliance into real music.'

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