Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Courtesans - Skribe -- Black Cat - Aug 22 2012

Skribe - Actually, it's just one Skribe, who I believe is normally a trio (if their Facebook page is still accurate). He plays what looks like a 6-string banjo about half the time and acoustic guitar the rest of the time. It's solid, hearty folk music with a rock foundation. The Facebook page mentions Langhorne Slim, which is a about as apt comparison as anything I could come up with. I particularly liked the one song where he pounded out a percussive beat on the drum of his banjo, looped it, and started adding layers of banjo along with his singing. It was a great sound. But even the more straightforward instrument and vocal songs were enjoyable. It was a nice set, and it worked well enough on its own, as well as succeeding in making me want to see his band sometime. But wait, a wayward drummer for the Courtesans has caused him to jump up and play another 15 minutes. They are really getting things going early tonight, which is odd considering it is only two local acts. But this guy is a trooper, so he finishes up a few more tunes and it is finally time for him to relax.
The Courtesans - I've seen this band five or six times now, and that makes it obvious that I like them. They did another solid job tonight and I'm not going to spend more than a few sentences on the basics of why you may want to catch a set some time. They are a steady power-pop, rock, garage trio that even has a touch of soul. There is nothing flamboyantly original here, but their personality and band identity is unique enough and focused enough to deliver a solid set every time out. The songs had a nice variety about them and it helps that both the bass player and guitarist (in this trio) share lead vocal duties. They nailed a solid 45 minute set here and the small but appreciative crowd was into it.

Quote of the Night:  From the opener... "My friend said I didn't write enough love songs, so I wrote this one that ended up about a guy being shot by an angry girlfriend."

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