Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turbo Fruits - The Danvilles -- DC9 - Oct 16 2012

The Danvilles - I really enjoyed this two-guitar rock band at the previous show, and they even seem more wonderful this time around. Their rollicking garage rock style is an easy way to connect with me and many other rock fans, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve to put them well above the many bands that follow this format. First, they manage an up-tempo style which borders on soaring off into chaos, but they still maintain control throughout. Second, they invigorate these songs with tones and textures reminiscent of the 60s, 70s, and even a few modern moves. Third, they don't take too many breaks and bang out another song after the previous one ends. The Chris Bailey styled vocals are a treat, the guitars roar, the rhythm section pounds away... I definitely want these guys on the bill the next time Graveyard comes through.
Turbo Fruits - Another twin-guitar garage rock quartet hits the stage, this time from Nashville. Immediately, there are some differences. There is a looser New York Dolls approach here with Johnny Thunders like fills poured into the quick and heavy tunes. They also remind me of a looser version of the Hellacopters as well. Nashville Pussy comes to mind, too, but they were a bit more metal and hard rock if I recall correctly. Anyway, these guys are rocking hard and have successfully pulled in a pretty good Tuesday night crowd, creating a bit more dancing and fist pumping than usual. The approach is far more memorable than the songs, but a couple tunes did show a bit of skill buried in the din. The second to last song had some long screaming guitar jams that reminded me a bit of Valient Thorr in all the right ways. I find it really hard not to enjoy this kind of energy, no matter what my mood. And they sustained it the whole way for their 55 minute set, also not always an easy feat.

Quote of the Night: As Turbo Fruits is up on stage checking monitor levels about to go on ... "Are we ready? ...Do we have time for a cigarette? ". Nine minutes later, they get it going for real.

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