Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kohoutek - Junzo Suzuki - Smoke Green -- Velvet Lounge - Dec 1 2012

Smoke Green - I thought I recognized Patrick on guitar, who was with the now defunct State Department. This outfit has a much richer and diverse sound that quickly explodes into various psychedelic explorations. Initially there is a spacey reach with a pummeling beat and glib bass runs snaking around washed out guitars and vocals. But then they head off in a Simply Saucer variation of garage psyche space punk. This is a sound we need much more of on this planet. Then it is back to a Fifty Foot Hose meets Can sort of psychedelic jam style that holds until a fascinating cover of the Temptations "Ball of Confusion" closes their 50 minute set.  There are some people who would be confused by this set, but none were present in this half-packed club tonight as Smoke Green found a way to put a personal stamp on some great psychedelic offerings. They are not quite there as they need to get a full handle on their sound, often lost vocals, and feedback control, but this band could turn into a monster of the absolute. Powerful and fascinating, I plan to hear more and hopefully soon.
Junzo Suzuki - I was less than thrilled that it took over 50 minutes to continue the show, as the lack of sleep I have had dealing with during my cat's illness has taken its toll over the last few weeks. But I wanted to stick it out, since Suzuki came from Japan to do a short tour in front of serious psychedelic music lovers. It was just Suzuki on guitar and some vocals. I felt it started a little slowly, but that was more likely due to my mood. When he introduced his bowing technique and began some loops creating a densely intriguing atmosphere, things picked up nicely. He added atmospheric vocals well and had a firm handle on his psychedelic soundscape. I only wish touring costs were lower, so he could have brought a full band over, but this was rewarding enough tonight.

Kohoutek - I am sure they were great as always, but I was not around tonight to find out. Hopefully some time again soon.

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