Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 27s - The Courtesans - Davey Brown Band -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Feb 8 2013

Davey Brown Band - It is always a good way to start an evening of local bands if you get a band of high caliber right out of the gate. Davey Brown is all of that as he is ready with guitar and his big booming voice (just shy of Tim Rose and Joe Cocker). He starts and ends it with a solo number, but the full band of drums, bass, and steel guitar is there for the rest. The playing seems quite strong tonight and the band is really rocking, although they alternate nicely between fast and slow and loud and moderate. I am not sure if this is the best I have seen of the band or if it is the case that sound is just more vibrant tonight with all the instruments pushing it out a notch. Whatever the case, this is a great opening set and a good crowd of around a hundred or so is having a great time.

The Courtesans - And a local bill is always well served by this veteran power-pop/rock trio. Again, they seem to be even heavier tonight than other times, so I'll give kudos to Dennis, the soundman, who is clearly giving room for the bands to really bring it tonight, while keeping everything clear. The Courtesans have a great balance of power-pop, rock, and soul-rock played with an advanced garage degree (PhG?) in a harmonious and enjoyable manner. And they never have delivered a sub-par set among the roughly six times I have seen them. Crisp and powerful, this set tonight keeps the crowd involved and happy.
The 27s - This is a relatively new DC band on the scene, although they have played together awhile and have past experience which they exhibit in this set. My first impression of how to describe them has me thinking I need a few more impressions. So after a few songs it starts to come together, but I find it fascinating how a good basic rock/power pop sound can still sound so personal. The rhythm section blasts away and with rhythm guitar (also lead vocalist) some times keeps things rudimentary at a quicker UK original punk level. Yet there are Buzzcocks or 999 style guitar runs jabbing away and they remind me a bit of the Rich Kids if they had fully gotten their act together. I hear some of the Nerves and some of the more assertive American power-pop/punk energy here as well. This is straight forward rock/pop music, but with lots of little flourish to keep it fresh and fun and perfect end to a Friday night--actually it is about midnight, so that is more the beginning for some people. The Rock'n'Roll Hotel did well tonight, yet again, by giving the stage to some rock solid local bands that were up to the task of putting some smiles on people's faces after a long week.

Quote from 'the Big Game' (DC ROCK LIVE is not the official blog of a certain sporting event) -
Some nobody from San Francisco's football club (of all teams) decided to bash gays prior to the big game. Before his agent gave him the proper language for his expected apology, these are his words...
" The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel."

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